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Hi! I am Miriam Anna, the proud owner of Ripple Effects Wellbeing. 

My practice is where I share my passion for health, empowerment and self-discovery with my clients.
I am a down to earth kind of person, specialising in holding a strong, neutral and safe space in my sessions. Knowing that we all have our own special stories and challenges that we are facing, I am here to listen and to support without judgement or superiority. 
This grounded presence in addition to applying the techniques of the BodyTalk System™ facilitates for the magick of your self-healing to unfold. 

Some of my core values are:

-          Honesty, integrity and confidentiality.
I am a big fan of authenticity and I personally always like to know the facts and where I am at. I am not going to tell you stories to make you feel better. But I will listen with compassion, answer questions honestly and support you as good as I can within the skill set I have to offer. I want you to feel safe so you can share openly.  It goes without saying that  I adhere to strict confidentiality and am committed to follow the ethical code of conduct as a practitioner of the IBA.

-          Free Will Choice
I am not here to to convince you into anything or to tell you how you should live your life. No matter where you are at in your journey, it is important to me that you do not feel obliged or pressured into anything. If working with me is not for you or timing's just not quite right, there will be no hard feels at all. I am passionate about empowerment and therefore respecting your choices without expectations is a key for me in my interactions. Your sessions will be much more fruitful and our time together much more fun, if this is what you want for yourself 💖.

-          Taking responsibility for our own health and wellbeing is incredibly empowering and leads to a state of increased balance, wellbeing and a more healthy and happy life.
From my own experience I know that healing journeys are incredibly unique and that even though we all probably would love that, there is no such thing as a “quick fix” or "one size fits all" solution. It’s when we are willing to take charge for our health and to find the cause, when miracles start to happen.

-          We don’t have to walk alone.

Even though our journey to health is up to us, we don’t have to make this a lonely venture.
Trying out different approaches and building a strong support network consisting of both family, friends and specialised professionals is an enormous resource. Knowing that someone’s got my back while I take one step at a time has been a an important anchor for me many times. It allows me to relax, to take my time and work out what it is that I need in order to return to balance and wellbeing. As your practitioner I will do my best to walk with you if you choose to add me to your own personal potpourri of resources.

-          We all have unique gifts, skills and qualities to offer.

No one will ever be the same like you. I am curious to find out what it is that you have to reveal! And I am looking forward to supporting you as you do healing and life your way.

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A little bit about me

I was born in Switzerland in 1987. I grew up in a multigenerational family home with my 3 younger siblings in a village not far from the capital city of Bern. Although I now live on the other side of the planet my roots and my Swiss family and friends are still very important to me. Hence, we maintain a close relationship keeping in touch in between occasional visits.
My mother tongues are Swiss German and German and I learnt basic French and English at school, with English now being my second language since migrating to Australia.

In 2016 after experiencing a period of fatigue and some other life challenges, I decided it was time for a change of scenery. I always loved travel and so I ventured out to explore more of this world. During my travels I met my partner which eventually led to my decision to say goodbye to Switzerland and move to Australia. Here I settled in Alice Springs, the beautiful red desert heart of this country where I lived for 6 years. A special place which I feel deeply connected to. Currently, my home base is on the East Coast in Southeast Queensland, but I do travel to other areas frequently for educational purposes. 

Since I took that leap, it has been a transformational journey of healing, self-discovery and growth. I have been fortunate enough to make many inspirational experiences from co-managing a successful busy accommodation business over relief managing a very remote outback store to becoming and being a kangaroo mum as a volunteer at "The Kangaroo Sanctuary" in Alice Springs for nearly 5 years. 

Most importantly, I got introduced to BodyTalk a few years ago, which was love at first sight. I realised that this health modality can be the game changer many people, including myself, are looking for. 
The simplicity and power of the techniques really struck me and so I chose to explore it further by signing up for the first modules. Within those courses I came to understand the tremendous potential of the BodyTalk System™ even more fully. This led to the decision to further my studies and become a BodyTalk practitioner. In October 2022 I got certified, became an accredited member of the International BodyTalk Association and am working with clients since.

As a curious nature I am devoted to life long learning. I have been and am currently furthering my studies in the fields of BodyTalk as well as other related areas such as Anatomy and Physiology. I am also studying within another body of knowledge which delivers teachings and knowledge supporting health and self-growth. These teachings have been passed down in ancient traditions for many generations and have been transformational and a big asset for me in my personal life. 

Other than that I enjoy time in nature, be it the outback, the ocean shores, the rainforest or the homelands in Switzerland. I have a deep love for animals, I like cooking, dinners with friends, photography, reading books, trying out some crafty stuff and exploring the world or my backyard with my partner. To stay in good shape I do Aikido and general fitness sessions at the local Boxing gym or I go walking, do yoga or silly dances in my living room. To look after my health further I am getting regular BodyTalk Sessions myself and am working with some incredibly resourceful other health practitioners like my brilliant Naturopath for example. 

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Professional Background

Last but not least some facts about what I've done in my life so far:


Certified BodyTalk practitioner with the IBA since October 2022. 

Modules completed:

Other professional background:

Both degrees include studies and expertise in the field of psychology, developmental psychology, sociology, teaching, case management and coaching.
I was working actively in those arenas throughout my studies and was employed as a special needs teacher and team leader of the special educational staff at a public school near my hometown for 4 years after finishing my Masters.

Further work experiences include:

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