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Client Consent Forms:

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PDF's can be filled in using adobes free fill & sign tool. Alternatively you can download the word version to add your information. Please return the completed forms 48hours before your first session so I can view them and prepare myself for our first meeting ☺️. You'll get more info on how it all works in your first confirmation email. 


For more information about BodyTalk, practitioner listings, a course overview, interesting articles and research check out the official website of the International BodyTalk Association:

Some countries additionally run their own information platform, such as Switzerland or Hong Kong as an example. 


Hong Kong:

Distance sessions more in depth:

Ben Manolo Adv. CBP and senior Instructor on distance sessions, May 2020:

Journal of Pain Management issue 4 2014 - Evaluation of BodyTalk, a novel mind-body medicine, for chronic pain treatment:

Books, Videos & Podcasts:

Dr. John Veltheim: The BodyTalk System: The Science and Philosophy of BodyTalk (2013)

The BodyTalk System on YouTube:

Podcast with Dr. Veltheim:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Other practitioners and Health services 

I thoroughly believe in holistic solutions and I find that creating a network of resources I can fall back on and a health & wellbeing support package with practises and things I can draw from anytime I feel like I need to,  has been working really well for me.

Is this is a strategy that appeals to you or you already have a team but want to add to it?
Here are some services/practitioners that I highly value for their work and integrity. I'm sur there are many many more out there, but I can only recommend what I've experienced for myself and where I found that working with them has been beneficial for me 😉 ...
Some of those services can be accessed online as well as in person. 

Australia & Global





Ortho-bionomy and Hawaiian bodywork:


Kinesiology & Hypnosis:

Hatha Yoga und Yogatherapie Individual - and Group lessons: