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What is BodyTalk?

The BodyTalk System™ is a holistic, non-invasive healing modality. It combines the findings and knowledge stemming from the research done in western medicine with knowledge and techniques from other highly recognised ancient and modern healing modalities and traditions such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Reiki, Quantum Physics and consciousness studies. 

The System can be used as a stand-alone system to address health issues or it can be used to support other healthcare modalities to promote more efficient and accelerated healing. 

Some of the key principles of BodyTalk are, that it is holistic, meaning that it looks at the whole human being, not just specific areas of the body but also the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects and life circumstances of a person. Further, it is about finding the cause of an ailment, to create lasting improvement, not about the management of symptoms to get short-term relief.
Once the cause is found, the system relies on the bodymind's own innate intelligence to restore the functionality of parts or systems within the bodymind complex as well as the communication between them. That "innate wisdom" knows what has to happen and how things need to be, it doesn't have to be told. It simply needs to be alerted to the issue. It is a little bit like turning on the lights in a room at night time, so you can see properly. 

Light tapping over the head, sternum and navel is used to activate the implementation of the healing process within the bodymind. 

Throughout the whole process the practitioner merely acts as a facilitator using structured intuition by asking standardised questions following a specially designed protocol chart. The whole healing process is done by the clients bodymind itself. It's as simple as that. 

Should you want to know more you can find further info under the Bodytalk tab or by visiting the official website of the International BodyTalk Association (IBA).  

What does a BodyTalk Session look like?

You'll find a detailed explanation on how I work and what my sessions look like here. But here's a short overview:

Every Session is different, individualised and tailored to meet your unique situation. Generally the structure is the same, whether a session is held in person or online. 
We will start off with a quick chat, discussing your health and life situations. I will then move on to conduct a session where we will reveal what needs to be addressed in that moment. 

If in person you'll get to lie down on a massage table or sit in a comfy chair. If online, you can get comfy wherever you are. You'll stay fully clothed for the whole duration of the session. 

I will work with the BodyTalk Protocols using standardised intuition as well as a form of neuromuscular feedback to get yes/no confirmations. If you are awake I may involve you in the process by asking some questions and by telling you what's coming up. Should you dose off however, no worries at all. Relaxation and rest are important and always welcome in my sessions and I'll give you a short recap once we are done. 

To implement the changes I may get you to place your hands on certain bodyparts or to use one hand to tap over your head, sternum and navel while taking some deep breaths. If we are working in person, I may do the tapping for you if you are comfortable with that.

We will finish off with another brief conversation, before you head off.

How does BodyTalk work?

How exactly it works is hard to explain, and you can find a more detailed answer in the about BodyTalk section. But here's a short, simple answer:

A BodyTalk session is designed to uncover the causes of the symptoms or problems you are experiencing. Once all the information is gathered, it is left to your body's innate wisdom to take over and create the changes necessary for healing to occur.

To support this process, a session will mostly involve some light tapping over the head, sternum and navel to activate the "3 brains" which are important controllers within the bodymind.
The brain is responsible that the changes which need to happen are actualised, the heart will store the memory of the "instructions" for future reference and the gut will integrate the changes so that the body can function properly again. 

Really, it is quite simple - and the best thing is, it is highly effective and brings great results.
Sometimes things don't need to be hard for big shifts to happen ... . 

Does a BodyTalk practitioner diagnose and/or subscribe medication/treatment?

No. A BodyTalk practitioner does NOT diagnose illness, disease, or any other physical or mental disorder. A session with me is therefore NOT a substitute for medical examination and/or diagnosis and it is recommended that you see a physician or other specialist for any ailments that you might have.

Consequently a BodyTalk practitioner does NOT prescribe any pharmaceuticals, herbs, supplements or any other form of treatment. Nor do we give injections, perform spinal manipulations, massage, needling or anything similar unless we hold the appropriate accreditation and are officially certified and licensed to do so (for example practitioners who have officially trained to be an osteopath and hold the accurate certification)

As a BodyTalk practitioner it is part of my job to invest in ongoing studies and learn about the anatomy and physiology of the human and potentially some animal bodies. I therefore have a certain understanding of how our physical bodies work, how some diseases and illnesses play out and how some treatments and medications are used to address the symptoms. However, I do not hold the appropriate certification and it is not within my integrity to prescribe any medication, treatment or give any medical advice. 

Is BodyTalk safe? 

The BodyTalks System™ is a safe, non-invasive healing modality. It does not involve any form of physical manipulation, treatment or medication. Therefore no one can be hurt with BodyTalk. The worst thing that can happen is that there is no change or result at all. This can either be due to a techniques not being performed correctly or the client's resistance to change and lack of follow through

BodyTalk is integrative and can be hugely beneficial to the outcome of other treatments including standard medical treatment. Generally people experience a sense of calmness and relaxation after a session and an improvement in their overall mood, health and wellbeing

Can it be used with kids?

Yes. As a non-invasive health care modality, BodyTalk is safe to be used as a treatment option for adults of all age groups, as well as children and babies. Treatments can be beneficial at any stage of your life no matter your circumstances. Sessions have proven to be highly effective for a large variety of health conditions and can be a real asset to your toolkit. 

BodyTalk actually works great with kids. Talking isn't necessary and sessions can be conducted remotely or by using a surrogate. Great results have been achieved even with babies in utero. 

Are there any side effects?

BodyTalk sessions are about achieving lasting improvements and changes in your health and wellbeing. So it wouldn't be very good if there wasn't any "side effects" right 😄...

The healing process is unique and different for every individual. No session and no outcome are ever the same. Hence, I cannot predict what your response to a session will look like. Some clients experience instant and dramatic changes to their health, for some it is a slower, more gentle process of recovery and most experience a mixture of both. What you're process will be like depends on your own way of healing and the level of healing that your bodymind is ready to handle at that point in time. 

Overall, people report a sense of calmness and relaxation after a session, boosts of energies, improved quality of sleep and an improvement in their overall health and wellbeing.

As the shifts in the bodymind are implemented and the balancing takes place you may for a short period experience any or absolutely none of the following:

Any of these responses are absolutely normal and a sign of your body processing and implementing the changes initiated by the session. Those "side effects" normally completely vanish after maximum of 48 hours. 

It is recommended to drink plenty of clean drinking water to hydrate and to feel into what your body needs (bath, movement, sleep, massage...) to support the integration of the session and the balancing of your bodymind. 

Do remote sessions work? How?

YES! They totally work. In fact a peer-reviewed research study published in the Journal of Pain Management in 2014 focussing on BodyTalk distance sessions as a healing modality for people experiencing chronic pain. The study found that participants experienced significant improvements in regards to their pain levels as well as associated conditions such as anxiety, fatigue, stress levels and the overall emotional health and wellbeing. 

On top of that there's clinical experience and client testimonials which show that distance sessions are highly effective and that as a big plus, it makes the service more accessible. This can be huge, especially for people living in remote areas, or if health issues have led to mobility problems. Also it means that if you have to move or are travelling for work, you can still get and access the support of a BodyTalk session whenever you feel the need. 

But how does it work?
To be honest - exactly how it works, I don't know. It is a complicated, fascinating and intriguing phenomenon which can be explained to a degree by scientific research from the field of quantum physics. 

You can find more detailed information about my sessions and distance sessions here.

Is a BodyTalk session with you going to fix me?

The honest answer is, I don't know.
But let me put it like this - if you are willing to look below the surface, invest some time and energy and are ready for implementing change, everything is possible. This includes the willingness to potentially move through some confronting moments and the short term discomfort of facing some gremlins so they can be moved out of your system. The good news is, that if you are up for that it is highly likely that you will get the outcome you are wishing for and more. At least that's what clinical experience has proven over the years.

There is one thing though, which is very important. I, as a practitioner am NOT a healer and I am NOT going to fix you. I am just here to facilitate and support you on your own journey towards better health and wellbeing. The only person who has the power and the potential to bring about healing are you yourself. BodyTalk is based on the principal that every being, every bodymind has the power and the ability to heal itself by accessing it's own innate wisdom. By finding the underlying cause of an ailment or disease and by bringing the issue into your bodyminds attention, your innate wisdom will be alerted to the issue and will proceed in re-establishing the communication and balance within your bodymind so it can return to a state of optimal function and health.

Doing all of this on our own can be tough however and that's what you have me for - you are not alone in this! I am here to walk with you and I will do my best to turn this journey into a fun and memorable adventure. Change is inevitable and if we embrace this and align with it, miracles can happen.
It will be my honour to witness the magick and the empowering transformations you are moving through as we uncover and unleash the innate healing pathways that are already there, slumbering inside you.

Will I still need to go and see my doctor?

Yes. BodyTalk is NOT a substitute for medical treatment, especially not in an emergency situation.
As mentioned above, a BodyTalk practitioner does not diagnose or prescribe any medication, herbs, suplements or any other form of treatment. We do not give injections, do spinal manipulations, massage, needling or anything similar unless we hold the appropriate accreditation and are officially certified and licensed to do so. 

Whilst regular BodyTalk sessions can reduce the need for medical appointments due to their effectiveness and the improvement of your overall health, I generally recommend you take ownership of your health and wellbeing. Get those regular medical check-ups whenever deemed necessary. Especially if you are receiving treatment and medication for long-term conditions where the the monitoring of your treatment, regulations & dosage through a health professional are crucial. 

Also, treating a condition through multiple avenues is sometimes the most efficient way to bring about the desired transformation. Therefore I encourage people wanting to try out different healing modalities, if this is what supports their journey to better health and wellbeing.

Can I book a session for someone else?

Yes, you can book an appointment for someone else. Although every person I work with is required to fill in the client intake form before a session and give full informed consent/permission to the session being conducted. 

Children/Babies will need the consent of their legal guardian.

In an emergency session consent will be assumed and treatment will be limited to fast and first aid only until the person is in a position to give conscious permission for further sessions to be conducted. This applies to existing clients only. Exceptions may include written consent or statements where an existing client specifically asks for sessions to be conducted in an event of emergency or due to severe illness,  disease or a palliative care situation. 

Can you make predictions or ask my body to help me make decisions?


But I am open to have a conversation about what it is that you are trying to work through or clarify for yourself at any point during a session. Talking things out with someone listening can sometimes bring about the clarity, awareness or release we desire without any "intervention" from the outside. 

Just like with other healthcare services, everything that is discussed or that comes up in a session is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

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