The BodyTalk System

"It is important to realise that, if given the right opportunities, the bodymind has its own powerful healing processes that are superior to any healthcare system imposed upon it." 

 Dr. John Veltheim

What does a session look like? What's involved?
Here you can find everything you need to know. 

Find out how you can benefit from BodyTalk and how it has helped other people to overcome their health and wellbeing challenges.

More specific information about the BodyTalk System™ offering a deeper understanding what the modality is based on and how it works.

What a Session looks like

General Session Desig

No matter if online or in person the general structure will look more or less the same each of your BodyTalk sessions. To give you a better idea you can watch the video below or read on 😊.

I like to start with a quick chat and check in. This gives us the opportunity to get to know each other a little better, to discuss your client intake information and to ask and answer any questions you or I may have. Understanding your health and wellbeing history and getting and idea of where you are currently at in your life is important for me to be able to tailor my session to your situation. It's also a great way for you to establish what it is that you are wanting to change and achieve in your BodyTalk Sessions.

After that initial chat you’ll be invited to lay down on a massage table if in person, or to make yourself comfy in your own space if we are connecting online. You'll stay fully clothed for the whole duration of the session. 

From now on it’s simply lay back and relax while I conduct the session. To find out what needs to be addressed and balanced within your bodymind right now, I am using a form of structured intuition following the BodyTalk protocol and procedure charts. At times I might ask you some questions so we can be as specific as possible. However if you prefer not to talk too much, a session can be done in complete silence as well. 

After gathering the information needed, I will guide you through the application of the techniques. They normally involve some deap breathing and some specific hand positions whilst I tap very gently over your head, sternum and navel. If working online, I will give you specific instructions so you can tap the balance out yourself (find out more about how distance sessions work here).
Once we reach the end of the session you get to rest for another couple of minutes, allowing the session to sink in, before we close with another brief chat. This is for you to ask questions, share about your experience if you like and book your next appointment, if you wish to do so. There may be some suggestions on how you can support yourself with the integration of the session, i.e. the healing and the changes which will occur, but it will be entirely up to you, if and how you want to go about that. 

Does that sound like fun? 

A little more on the "how"

For those of you who'd like more details about how I do what I do... 

As explained in my video a Session generally consists of 3 segments. The initial conversation, the gathering of information guided by your innate wisdom and the application of the techniques or "tap out" as we call it.

How information is gathered - building formulas using neuromuscular feedback

Once we transition into the conducting of the session I will establish a yes/no response using a form of neuromuscular feedback either using your arm if we are in person or by using my own hand if we are working online or remotely. 

I will then move on to asking a set of standardised questions, using the BodyTalk protocol and procedure charts. The protocol charts contain information about your bodymind's systems, including parts of the physical body, the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. For example you'll find all our organs, endocrines and body parts on there as well as our chakras, meridians and techniques referring to belief systems or emotions which need to be addressed.

Using my own intuition I will use the yes/no response to confirm what is revealed and what needs to be focused on in this particular session. In this way a formula consisting of one or several components (items) and links will be created, highlighting imbalances within your bodymind complex, where the communication isn't flowing correctly and needs to be repaired.
Whatever arises is what is the top priority of your bodymind right in that moment. Sometimes what shows up can seem to be unrelated to the symptoms or issues you presented with. Experience has shown however, that innate wisdom knows way more than we do and that often what we wouldn't have had on the radar was exactly what was needed to solve the puzzle. 

As we reveal what needs to be addressed, we listen. We listen to what the bodymind has got to tell us and reveal the story behind the issues.
Let me give you a brief example. The stomach might pop up as an item. I will then ask another set of questions so find out how it's being affected. What the stomach migh tell us is that due to the high pace of daily life it's struggling to keep up with proper digestion - not just of the food, but also of your life experiences. Once we heard that story, we will move on to see which other part is being affected as a result. We might find, that the communication between the stomach and the liver is what's mainly being affected. The liver isn't just a crucial organ for digestion and detox, it's also the organ which supports us with the planning and organising of our lives. So balancing the stomach and the liver and restoring the line between them will allow the stomach to increase it's functionality and the liver can step in to support you with the choreographing of your life.
This is just a simple explanation, to give you an idea of how a formula is created and how the different parts within your bodymind are interrelated and working together. 

During a session we might get one or several formulas, some can be long and some might consist of only one simple technique. Your innate wisdom knows what needs to be addressed and what changes your bodymind is ready to make and integrate at this given moment. Once a formula is complete we normally use a combination of specific hand positions, tapping and breathing to initiate the changes and the healing process. 


After all information is gathered we move to what we call the "tap out" of a formula. The process can entail some specific hand positions and movements depending on the techniques applied and will always involve a specific form of tapping.
Tapping is used in various alternative and some indigenous health care systems and is not unique to the BodyTalk System™. The way tapping is used in BodyTalk however is specific and different to other modalities and is based on the Three Brain Complex. 


Apart from the obvious vital function breathing has in the providing of oxygen and elimination of carbon dioxide from our physical body, the impact of breath and proper breathing on our health is widely known and accepted.
Many different modalities work with and use breath to increase our overall state of health and wellbeing. In BodyTalk we utilise deep breathing as we tap out the formula to support the bodymind with the installing of the changes. 

Deep and conscious breathing with the tap out allows the brain to scan all the different frequencies within our bodymind complex fully and to respond accordingly if something seems out of balance. Furthermore, it creates movement, supports the flow of energy and connects us more deeply with life. Many of you will know the calming effects that "taking a deep breath" can have on us, allowing us to relax and let go. Hence a session generally leaves clients with a sense of calm, relaxation and a feeling of revitalisation.

Online and distance sessions - how does it work? 

I am all for in person connection. However, time, location and life can often make it hard or even impossible for us to get to an in person appointment.
That's why I LOVE the option of online and remote sessions. I can work with you wherever you are! There's no limitations and you do not have to go without your session when you can't come in to see me, travel long distance or stop your treatments because you move away. In fact, you don't even necessarily have to be on the screen or on the phone with me.

Hence, most of the sessions I conduct in my practice are either online, over the phone or remote, allowing my clients to arrange their sessions more effortlessly. Needless to say that this type of session is highly popular and greatly appreciated. 

Some of you might have a couple of concerns or question marks around how and if these sessions work though. I totally get it, I was a sceptic myself at first. However I got totally converted through my own experience and can assure you that online and distance sessions are no less powerful and effective than a good old in person appointment. 

Distance sessions can be conducted online via a platform like zoom or skype or over the phone. The course of a session is pretty much the same as it is in person (see above).
In situations where circumstances don't permit for a live connection, the practitioner can do an audio recording of the session which will be sent to the client afterwards including a written summary of what has been addressed. However it is preferred for the person to be connected at the time of the session whenever possible, since active contribution is generally a powerful experience for the client.

In emergency situations BodyTalk sessions can also be done if an individual is unable to be consciously involved. Prerequisite for the session to be conducted is, that legality is always upheld and consent was given by the client or their next of kin/guardian in alignment with the wishes of the client.  

Exactly how distance session work, we don't know. It is a complicated, fascinating and intriguing phenomenon which can be explained to a degree by scientific research from the field of quantum physics. Everything is interconnected. n BodyTalk we say everything is consciousness and every "thing" has its own frequency or energy that you could look at as your own special telephone number. So when conducting a remote session I energetically dial your number so we can connect on an energetic level. I do so by using special focus, intuition and the BodyTalk charts and protocols that I work with. If you'd like to read more about that you'll find an informative short article about distant sessions and how they work here

Furthermore, a peer-reviewed research study published in the Journal of Pain Management in 2014 was conducted, focussing on BodyTalk distance sessions as a healing modality for people experiencing chronic pain. The study found that participants experienced significant improvements in regards to their pain levels as well as associated conditions such as anxiety, fatigue, stress levels and the overall emotional health and wellbeing. 

There's also clinical experience and client testimonials which show that distance sessions are highly effective and that as a big plus, it makes the service more accessible. This can be huge, especially for people living in remote areas, or if health issues have led to mobility problems. Also it means that if you have to move or are travelling for work, you can still get and access the support of a BodyTalk session whenever you feel the need. 

Let's connect!

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Who can benefit?

How BodyTalk can support you

BodyTalk works with the bodyminds' innate wisdom and thus doesn't really work on a diagnosis basis. 

A diagnosis however often helps people to describe and understand better what it is that they are experiencing and of course a diagnosis can always give us pointers that we can work with. It's also often necessary in order to access specific medical treatments and therefore it is always recommended that people consult medical professionals on a regular basis. 

Below you can find a series of conditions where clinical experience and case studies have shown that BodyTalk sessions have been beneficial to the clients healing journey.

As a non-invasive health care modality, BodyTalk is safe to be used as a treatment option for adults of all age groups, as well as children and babies. Treatments can be beneficial at any stage of your life no matter your circumstances. Sessions have proven to be highly effective for a large variety of health conditions and can be a real asset to your toolkit. 

Thanks to it's complementary nature BodyTalk can also be a catalyst for other forms of health care, helping you achieve lasting changes should you choose this service as a part of your support package. 

Stress and it's affects on health and wellbeing

Stress has various triggers, comes in many forms and is the source of all imbalance, illness or disease. Some of the classic symptoms are fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, headaches or migraines, digestive issues, neck or back pain to name a few.

Whilst a certain level of stress is actually normal and even needed for our bodyminds to work well and for us to survive, the stress threshold of the average human being is generally distorted and out of balance.
Due to the many negative impacts unhealthy and chronically elevated stress levels have on our bodymind, any practise you choose that works for you which supports stress reduction in a healthy way is vital. And you may have guessed, BodyTalk is a great option for stress relief!

Through its' holistic perspective the System offers various approaches to reduce stress on all levels of your bodymind and to re-establish a healthy stress threshold. This installs a deeper sense of calm and centredness and normalises the fight, flight, freeze response. BodyTalk Access offers a series of techniques which can be learnt easily by anyone and are a great tool for stress reduction within your everyday life. No practitioner needed. 

One of those techniques called the Cortices Technique, is available and recommended for self-application to anyone. Dr. John Veltheim deemed it to be the most important technique of the whole BodyTalk System™. It is absolutely free, very simple to use AND it comes with great results, especially when applied regularly.

You can find out more about the technique and how to apply it here.  But in short, it is designed to balance and calm your brain as well as utilising its function as a scanning tool for imbalances within the bodymind to have any issues highlighted to support the innate healing processes. It therefore improves your overall brain function, reduces stress, increases sleep quality, the ability to focus and your overall state of health and wellbeing. 

Happy tapping 🥳...

Limitations of BodyTalk sessions

As mentioned in the about me section, I like to be honest and name the elephant in the room even if it may be unpleasant or be unexpected. So I'd like to be upfront about where we might encounter some limitations on our journey together. 

Nevertheless, I thoroughly believe that it's always worth a try! Where we invest our energy and give things a good go, there will be a reward. And no matter how small that might be we never know how big the ripples from it will be.

It only takes one drop to create movement and where there's movement there is change. 


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What is Bodytalk?

The BodyTalk System™ is a holistic,consciousness-based and non-invasive healthcare modality which uses the body's innate healing ability to address health challenges and maintain good health. It has proven to be highly effective and been a game changer in many people's lifes.

The system combines the findings and knowledge stemming from the research done in western medicine with knowledge and techniques from other highly recognised ancient and modern healing modalities and traditions such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Reiki, Quantum Physics and consciousness studies. 

Slowly there is a paradigm change happening as we learn and understand more about how our bodymind's operate and how diseaes manifests. The BodyTalk System™ already encompasses and works with this new understanding by blending the above mentioned spheres of knowledge into an innovative, effective method supporting people all over the world to heal their ailments.

In this section you'll find some insights and information about BodyTalk, the underlying key principles and how it works.  

Dr. John Veltheim 

The origins of the BodyTalk System™

The BodyTalk System™ was developed by Dr. John Veltheim and the International BodyTalk Association (IBA) founded by him and his wife Esther Veltheim in 2000.
Dr. Veltheim was a visionary, a chiropractor, traditional acupuncturist, philosopher, Reiki Master, marshall artist, lecturer and teacher

Born in Australia he ran a very successful clinic in Brisbane for 15 years, was the principal of the Brisbane college for Acupuncture and Natural Therapies and served as a chairman for the Federation of Australian Acupuncture Colleges for several years. He never stopped to study, evolve and further his skills and undertook extensive postgraduate studies in the fields of applied kinesiology, bioenergetic psychology, osteopathy, sports medicine, counselling, comparative philosophy and theology.  

Dr. Veltheim first developed BodyTalk in 1990 as a result of getting on top of his own health challenges. In 1998 he moved to Sarasota, Florida to further his practice and research of BodyTalk. Due to the success of his work, soon the demand for his services grew, so he started to teach the System to professionals and lay people. The International BodyTalk Association (IBA) was founded in 2000 offering a structured educational program for people training to become a practitioner as well as the ongoing education of existing practitioners and instructors. Today, BodyTalk is taught in 9 different languages with practitioners and instructors teaching and practising in over 35 different countries.

Principles and philosophy of the BodyTalk System™ 

As mentioned in the introduction, the BodyTalk System™ combines valuable knowledge and resources stemming from different approaches and scientific arenas offering a complete and more holistic pathway to health and wellbeing. There are many factors worth mentioning, but the following ones are the most important principles which for me personally make BodyTalk such an intriguing approach and I feel you definitely should know about 😊.

Holistic healthcare - the 'Bodymind'

The western medicine paradigm, also referred to as the cartesian or allopathic model, tends to categorise and focus on our body, mind, emotions and spirit individually. This has allowed for highly specialised treatments to be created, which have a great value and are important pylons within modern healthcare. It is becoming more and more widely understood however, that this approach is limited and often doesn't provide the lasting results or outcomes desired. 

The BodyTalk System™ recognises the value of the above approach but is fundamentally different in that it is based on the core value that everything is interconnected. In consequence, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level cannot be considered to be separate from each other. This is vital to understand for anyone who is considering a BodyTalk session for themselves. Every client will be looked at as a "whole". We therefore often use the term ‘Bodymind’ in BodyTalk, rather than ‘Body’ to highlight the holistic nature of this approach. In practise that means, that your personal health history is equally as important as your emotional wellbeing, your mental stress levels, as well as the bigger concepts you have about the world and your purpose in life. 

The necessity for this perspective in relation to health and wellbeing can quite easily be demonstrated by a very basic examples.

Think of the last time you got sick for example. Let's say you had a big couple of weeks with a lot of stress at work and are feeling a bit flat. Suddenly, you feel the first symptoms of a cold coming up.
Most likely something like "Oh no! Not now, I really can't get sick now...!" shoots into your mind. Immediately you start feeling stressed, you get uncomfortable and your mood drops. You may start to feel angry, frustrated or sad. "Why me?", "Why now?" questions like these along with a thousand other thoughts around how you can get rid of the bug, what if you'll end up in bed for weeks or where you caught the bloody thing ("It must've been the birthday party on the weekend, I should've just stayed home"), etc. You start to feel worn out and become inattentive. To make things worse you cut yourself as you are preparing your lemon ginger infusion, adding yet another thing you have to deal with. Why does life have to be so hard you wonder.
Can you relate? Surely you have experienced similar situations to the scenario described above and you can see how all arenas are affected in one way or another. 

In BodyTalk we look at all the different aspects AND we will also consider what may have caused the high stress levels you were experiencing before you even got sick. That underlying issue likely contributed significantly to yo you catching the bug in the first place due to a weakened immune system as a result of heightened and prolonged stress. It's the bigger picture which makes BodyTalk such a profound approach. That's why the ripples of a session often extend beyond what people originally came to address, leading to further improvement than anticipated. 

Innate wisdom & communication - our bodymind knows how to heal!

Each and every atom, cell and system, including our energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual systems are in constant communication with each other, knowing exactly how to behave in each moment. Communication pathways are based on consciousness and involve energetic, electrical and chemical pathways of communication. But how is it organised? Who is in charge?
Common belief would probably have you assume that it must be the human brain. Although the brain is an important controller within our bodymind (see the three brain complex) it is just one of the systems within the whole bodymind consisting of cells and atoms itself. So how does the brain know what to do? The answer lies within quantum physics and the theory of quantum entanglement. But don't worry, I'll keep it simple.

Our bodymind has it's own inborn intelligence of who we are, how we work and what's needed in order to gain and maintain a state of balance and health. In BodyTalk this intelligence is referred to as 'innate wisdom'. It is unique for every human being, guiding all processes from conception until death.
A physical example for that are the many homeostatic processes within the physical body ensuring optimum levels within all systems, keeping everything in balance. One of the most common illustrations for these processes is our body's response to a cut. As soon as we cut ourselves, all of the different parts involved know exactly what needs to be done to stop the bleeding, seal the injured surface and heal the wound. Nothing within this is coincidental and everything happens in a particular way and a specific order. This ensures that healing occurs in the most effective and efficient way possible.

In BodyTalk we utilise innate wisdom as a guide to firstly locate the underlying cause and compromised line of communication (read more). Furthermore, innate wisdom informs how and in which order the issue is addressed for healing to occur. That order may be different to how we would have assumed it to be. This is because our external perspective is limited, since we cannot know what the innate intelligence of the client knows. The practitioner therefore uses a form of neuromuscular bio-feedback to get yes/no responses based on standardised questioning and protocols (see .... for further info). 

BodyTalk is integrative, safe and non-invasive

The BodyTalk System™ can be used as a stand-alone modality, but it is in fact designed to integrate all fields of healthcare. It is complementary to each modality, beneficial to their overall effectiveness and thus offering a complete approach to health and wellbeing. This also includes referring a client to a another practitioner or a different field of healthcare if necessary. Furthermore, BodyTalk is non-invasive, safe and there are no contraindications to its use.
A session does not involve any spinal manipulation, needling, massage or similar, there are no drugs or other treatments prescribed and therefore no extra costs accumulated. 

Empowerment - taking full responsibility for our health

Illness and Disease are not a failure! They are a result of being alive, living life and engaging with everything that comes with it.
The great news is, that we don't have to be entirely at the affect of it either. In fact what we know about innate wisdom shows, that YOU have the power and the ability to heal yourself! How amazing is that? That means that everytime you notice an improvement after a BodyTalk session it's not just a win, it is YOUR WIN. You did it 💪👏! No one else!

Healing is a unique and highly individual process and therefore a practitioner cannot and doesn't aim to predict what the journey will be for you. There can be, and often there are, instant results. Sometimes it might be a longer journey as you work your way through, one layer at the time, integrating the changes into your life as you move forward. BodyTalk allows you to do healing your way. It gives you the opportunity to let your journey be one of empowerment, not dependency and your choices and decisions will be respected - Being able to heal oneself is one of the most empowering and rewarding experiences you can get. And BodyTalk makes it so easily accessible for you.

It is my pleasure however to facilitate and create an environment that allows your bodymind to heal itself as efficiently and effectively as possible. By using my intuition and the knowledge that I have acquired in my studies and through my own life experience, I can support you on your journey and lend you a hand while your bodymind works things out. 

Network of Neurons - Google stock image

How does it work?

At a first glance, the BodyTalk System™, may seem very complex - but really it is quite simple. Let me explain... 

Lines of communication 

To understand how BodyTalk works, we need to have a closer look at how our bodymind guided by innate wisdom operates to maintain optimal health and wellbeing. 

As mentioned above, the vast and sophisticated network of lines and pathways of communication is vital for the proper functioning of our bodymind. Our bodymind "talks" a LOT allowing the different body parts to adapt and respond quickly to changes in the internal or external environment (homeostasis).
Communication does not only happen within the bodymind complex. To ensure survival and health interactions and exchange with the outside world are essential. This is to get feedback, stimulation and substances needed to provide the systems with the components necessary for functioning. This interaction is to a large part what we experience as our day-to-day life and this is where things tend to go wrong.
Issues can arise on any level, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, but it is often the accumulation of dysfunctional belief systems at a mental level causing stress which can complicate things and enhance the severity of the imbalances we experience.

As we go about our life, it is quite normal for us to encounter various situations which lead to increased levels of stress. Some examples are injuries, illnesses and infections, trauma, family and financial challenges, work pressure, dysfunctional relationships, genetic predispositions, negative or limiting beliefs etc… I’m sure you have some examples you can draw from for yourself. In most cases, the bodymind finds a way to deal with those situations effectively – at least short-term – and we regain what we perceive as a normal state of wellbeing. Sometimes however, those situations or events are more severe or too many small things are piling up and the bodymind struggles to solve the issues in a permanent and effective way. Things get out of hand and become overwhelming. When this happens, lines of communication get disturbed, blocked or even cut completely for prolonged periods of time, compromising our physical, mental and/or emotional wellbeing significantly. 

To make it more understandable one analogy that’s often referred to, is the one of an orchestra, a choir or a band playing together. Every musician as well as the band leader need to know what they are doing. The instruments have to be tuned correctly, everyone needs to know what song they are playing, whilst following the instructions of the lead as well as paying attention to other members of the group. On top of that there are technicians and other important people making sure that all of the speakers and tech components are working and that back-ups are provided for worst case scenarios. Often all of the above also relies on an intuitive way of communication between the different members of the group. As soon as someone plays a wrong tune or doesn’t follow a command, there will be a disharmony and if that communication fails, the whole band might lose their plot and it will be evident to everyone including the listener, that something’s gone wrong.

Just starting over and playing the song again however, most likely won’t do the job. First the source of the problem needs to be found and fixed, potentially requiring a team effort of several people involved and maybe even some external recourses. Once solved, the learning from that experience will be kept for future reference, to ensure that it won’t happen again at the next concert.

Similarly pure symptom relief or the simple focus onto one specific component of our physical body often isn’t enough for us to return back to balance. A team effort is required and for that communication needs to flow effortlessly. That’s where BodyTalk comes into play.

The purpose of a BodyTalk session is to find the source of the problem by utilising the innate wisdom of the bodymind of the client and to set off the chain of commands to restore the compromised lines of communication. Once information can flow freely again, the isse can be fixed and healing can take place. The significant knowledge of what led to the problem and how it can be solved is then added to the bodymind's long-term memory for future reference.

The Three Brain Complex
Hang on, three brains?
Yes, you read that correctly. Despite common belief, our actual 'Brain' is not the only one. It is in fact one of three brain complexes within our bodymind and is no superior or any more important than the other two brains. All three brains function interdependently whilst offering their own unique traits and abilities. Intuitively we all know about those other two brains. That often shows up in situations where our heart tells us something different or we get a gut feeling although our intellectual brain seemingly doesn't pick up on anything. Does any  of that ring a bell?

Let's take a brief look at those brain complexes and how we work with them in BodyTalk: 

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