It is my honour and joy to be working with people from all over the world and from different walks of life.

Below you can read about the BodyTalk experience of some of my clients. How they have benefited from the sessions and what they say about working with me. 

But before you read on, a personal note from me 😊...
Nothing in life and within our world is separate. Everything is interconnected. Therefore, the process of healing that my clients are experiencing is always reciprocal to a degree. As I facilitate and witness the healing of my clients I get to heal and grow myself in return. This I consider to be an incredible gift and a true blessing.  

So this is a big Thank You to each of my clients who keep taking the leap into working with me and therefore into a new, healthier way of being .

"My sessions with Miriam have been transformative, on both subtle and very noticeable levels. I've noticed a significant reduction in my stress levels and physical pain

Miriam holds such a strong energetic and supportive container and has been able to pick up on things I could not put into words. I highly recommend working with Miriam for a deep-dive."

Karyna, QLD, Australia

"Through my BodyTalk sessions my Body, Mind and Soul come into a state of harmony and balance. Miriam is professional, empathic, sensible and 100% present. 

Working with her has helped me to become aware of subconscious emotions and fears, to address and release them. Through that my Tinnitus has amazingly vanished after just one session. Ripple Effects! Sessions with Miriam are incredibly cleansing, nourishing and fascinating. I’ll be booking again without hesitance! Thank you so much Miriam."

Sara, BE, Switzerland

"For years I have struggled with a compulsive eating disorder. This disorder was created through childhood sexual trauma where I integrated a defense mechanism by overriding my body felt sense in order to suppress my emotions.

Working with Miriam as a body talk practitioner has helped me to reconnect with my body and understand the communication that body gives. Understanding that my body has somatic memory that is sometimes overlooked by my rational mind has allowed me to deepen my integration in the body mind spectrum and supports my ongoing healing.


The great thing about working with Miriam in the Body Talk modality is that it works cohesively with other modalities such as traditional psychology and nutritional psychology but brings its own unique support and healing.


Miriam is professional, adept and of integrity. She blends empathy without stepping into rescue or pity. I highly recommend her as a practitioner."

Neil, NT, Australia

"I’ve had the pleasure to receive BodyTalk sessions from Miriam on several occasions now. It is a wonderful experience that I highly recommend. 

I’ve struggled with disturbing eye ailments, experiencing dryness and irritation causing my eyes to tire quickly and restricting my vision. After the session the symptoms lifted entirely and I can literally see clearly again since.

Additionally, I am surprised by the subtle, gentle and lasting effects the Sessions have on an emotional and mental level. Miriam has an open personality and holds an intimate, neutral and empathic space. Soothing for Body and Mind. Thank you!"

Regina, BE, Switzerland

"The changes that I have noticed in regards to my wellbeing/ symptoms that I have experienced after a session is that I would feel more relaxed, calm and more focused on myself and be more present and less anxious. Also, I could say that I would feel more confident and believe more in myself.

 I would recommend working with Miriam cause you feel so good around her and gives you feel such positive energy around her,. and she is really such a good soul. Also she makes you feel good about yourself and pushes you to be better and never give up!"

Andrea, Malta 

"I've been struggling with lower back issues for the last few years. It's been a struggle of going to massages, physiotherapists, yoga, and using other methods to deal with it. When I worked with Miriam Anna, we got down to the true cause of the suffering! 

After a few sessions together, I was no longer in pain!
By dealing directly with the mental/emotional aspects, the physical symptoms disappeared. Doing this kind of work not only deals with the symptoms but releases past pain, trauma and negative experiences that create real, long lasting change. Thank you so much! Highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for greater overall health and wellbeing in all aspects." 

Jasmine, NSW, Australia

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